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Pay high attention to sale and after service, detailed contents is following that:  
1.Support detailed data that could help customers know performance and usage scope of the machine. Answer customer’s questions practically and realistically. No exaggeration, no cheat is our business principle. 
2.Could help customer to visit the factories who had used our machines. Reasonable modification or raising of relevant function according to customer’s special inquirements. 
3.Train operator or maintenance man before consigning the machine to end user. 
4.We take charge in installation, debugging and making the machine work well when the machine was delivered to workshop. Then help the operator start to operate the machine when it is ok. Engineer will stay for a short time when operator could operate the machine. We leave until the worker could operate the machine expertly. 
5.The guarantee is 12 months. Free charge for all service and destroyed parts during 12 months. 
6.Lifelong tracing service, cost for the parts could be paid over 1-year guarantee. Service is free.
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